10th Birthday Party Ideas(+Games) For Cool Kids

A kid’s 10-year-old birthday celebration signifies the tween years, and also the last possibility you will have to call them kids as you understand it.

Dual numbers finally! Your infant has actually left solitary birthday celebrations behind forever. While the moms and dads might question why this is a reason for party (weren’t they simpler to deal with as infants??!!) your kids  are possibly really fired up, as they commonly consider themselves almost mature( if they get too cheeky, have a chat about taxes and paying a rent like a true adult) when they struck 10.

Something as crucial as dual numbers can likewise be noted by a  unique birthday event – perhaps eating out in a restaurant in addition to a party, or a slumber party for their pals. A 10th birthday celebration typically notes your youngster’s last year as a primary school student, which is a landmark by itself.

In this article we are going to talk about:

  1. Preparation for the celebration
  2. Different party options and scenarios
  3. Where to go for your 10th birthday party
  4. Birthday games and activities
  5. How to make your bday party special

Preparation for a  10th Birthday Celebration Party

  • Chances are your kid will certainly quickly be off to intermediate, and an entire brand-new stage of their life will certainly start.
  • They will certainly still delight in youth activities, however, they’ll be much less likely to confess it in public, they will certainly sweep in between intending to be ‘cool kid’ as well as simply having a good time.
  • Turning 10 has to do with locating that happy medium in between childhood years and also the race to mature, so it’s absolutely an age worth commemorating. When preparing a 10th birthday celebration you require to step meticulously, yet loosen up in the understanding that you are still secure in a setting to foretell.

Ten years old Birthday celebration Styles

10 years olds still like the suggestion of having actually a themed birthday celebration party, yet their suggestion of a proper reason will certainly transform substantially in the last couple of years. They will certainly be torn in between a standard birthday celebration party as well as something a little bit a lot more mature( taxes and bills are waiting for you soon, sweet child), so you’ll require to obtain the mix idea. Below are some fantastic party ideas for 10-year-olds. If you are also looking for unusual party food options, please check here.

  • Sports Party

Sporting activities themed party is wonderful for this age, especially if your youngster is a sporting activities fanatic. They play games and also run about like kids ought to at birthday celebration events, yet they do not seem like the activities are also babyish as well as unpleasant.

  • What are you afraid of?

This is a precise pinch-hit among 10-year-olds, specifically if they enjoy Fear Factor on TV. Like the Sports Party, a Fear Party permits youngsters to be children, yet still provides a feeling of being mature.

  • International party

Selecting a certain nation is a fantastic mean for a party, particularly if your youngster has a passion for someplace unique. It’s simple to match the food, decors as well as games to the selected area, you can prepare the party to be as matured (or as child-like) as you desire it to be. 

  • Slumber Party

Sleepover celebrations are commonly even more of a girl’s occasion, however, young boys also take pleasure in the opportunity to hang out with their friends and also keep up all evening too. A real sleep party implies your kid, as well as their buddies, reach launch hugely late enjoying movies, jokes, playing video games, as well as having twelve o’clock at night banquets.

Ten years old Birthday celebration Places

If you wish to make your youngster’s 10th birthday celebration unique, yet do not have the free time to arrange a themed party, why not take your kids out to celebrate. They might bring one favorite buddy, or an entire team of friends relying on your spending plan. 

Some terrific locations to go consist of:


This is an absolute classic. Bowling is a company game, thus it will be great for your kids to have fun together. It is my personal favorite because you can just grab all the kids, booke a bowling lane( many of them also provide food services, yey), put on those bowling shoes, and guess what? You are all good to start your party with no cleaning required at the end of the event!

Rock Climbing

This is a bit more niche entertainment variant which works the best if you double-check in advance if all your party people are happy with this option( height fear alert!). Once again, this party is also very easy to organize and obviously does not require any fuss with the decorations. Drive your kids to a rock climbing center, and then, when they all get tired and hungry, take them out to a restaurant. Kids love fast food, so such cheap options as burgers or hot dogs will make you very popular,


This variant is suitable for a more laid-back party. It works great if there has just been a release of a new movie that everybody is dying to see. Bear in mind, the cinemas won’t probably be very impressed if your kids are noisy and making a lot of mess. Make sure you instruct your party kids how to behave and to clean up their popcorn and a fizzy drink once the movie is over.

Water Centre or Theme Park

Great options for those born in spring or summer. If you are less lucky, just choose an indoor water park, they are just as fun and you don’t risk to get sunburnt in the process.

Arts, Craft Workshop

Is there anything that your kid is dying to try to do? Why don’t you turn this desire into a fantastic birthday present? It can be a pottery lesson, dance session, horse riding, painting, and many many other cool crafty and active stuff to choose from.

Sledding/Ice Blocking

Take me back to the times when I was a kid and was sledding, skiing and making a snowman all day long! If you happened to organize your birthday party when it’s nice and snowy, don’t miss your chance to have some fun and get some fresh air. Take some flasks with hot tea, some sweets, and snacks, and take kids to the nearest park to have some great time and let that energy out.

Amusement park

I find this variant works best when you have just your kid and a couple of their best friends since the amusement parks can be notoriously expensive. Additionally, they are usually crowded, so the fewer kids you have, the easier it will be not to lose them in a crowd.

Family Members Friendly Dining 

Another classic one if you didn’t like any other ideas listed here. Nothing beat indulging in comfort food surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

Indoor Pool

It is healthy, it is active, it is fun. Yes, I am talking about the swimming pool. I recommend you rent the whole swimming pool to allow your kids to go wild without disturbing other swimmers, it is usually not that pricey to do. There are usually a lot of fun things in the swimming pool for your kids to play with, such as fins, balls, and noodles. You can turn your birthday party into a true competition by assigning kids some tasks to complete or organize a water polo game.

Horse Riding

It can be a fantastic idea for a birthday party provided your kid is really into horses. Kids love animals, and they will absolutely enjoy riding a pony or a horse and learning how to look after a horse.


How about seeing Taylor Swift or Beyonce for your birthday party? Great idea, isn’t it? Just get your party group some tickets, and you are all set. They can dance and sing all night long, and are guaranteed to have an awesome time.

Magic Show

In this party scenario, you can either do the magic tricks yourself, but it will require some preparations, or just hire a magician for half an hour or so. Not only will the kids see some pure magic, but they also learn how to do a few magic tricks themselves.

Sports  Contest

This one works well if all of your party people are into some particular sports activity. You can take the kids out for a sporting event, or just organize a match at your own back garden.

Go Karting

Great for boys, they will enjoy competing with each other and let some adrenaline out.

If you are having actually a themed birthday celebration party, after that you will certainly intend to have some food. Your mature kids will be pleased with burgers, hot dogs, and some dessert in the end!

10th Birthday Celebration Games and Activities

  • At 10 your kid is still young enough to have a childish game, (given they are ‘cool kid’ games naturally), however, possibilities are they’ll intend to ‘do’ things, as opposed to ‘play’ in something.
  • Have a look at your kid’s rate of interests, as well as concentrate the games on tasks around that. 

You might like some of these games.

Making 10-year-old Birthday celebration Memories

  • It’s the moment when your youngster intends to be mature, however, still hangs onto the stupidity of being a youngster – truly so! It’s likewise a time where you can produce a unique portal from youth to teenage years.


Some wonderful means to identify your kid’s 10th birthday celebration

  • Offer the birthday celebration kid a day by themselves with Mum, or Daddy or both, doing specifically what they wish to do. You might need to place some spending plan in position, however, the truth is they will possibly intend to do rather straightforward points. It’s everything about having continuous time with you, and also their understanding that it’s still all right to be close friends with Mum as well as Father.
  • ‘Sex’ talks are approaching, but maybe you might not intend to do it on the day of their party, you can make it a little bit of a routine with something unique that takes place as a component of it. For girls it might be getting their first bra (or crop top if that’s all that is required), and also for kids it might be some antiperspirant. The talk will certainly occur once more in a couple of years with much more information, yet it is very important to present it currently and also make it unique.
  • Make turning  10 a time when your kid gains the right to do something like obtain their ears pierced, or bike to the stores by themselves. Whatever the ‘point’ is, maintain the exact same guideline for each youngster in your home, and also they will certainly all have something to eagerly anticipate to on their 10th birthday celebration. Being permitted to do the ‘point’ is a present by itself.

To sum it up, a 10th birthday celebration is most definitely a turning point, as well as turning point birthday celebrations supply a chance to create routines and also practices in your household. Your youngster’s 10th birthday celebration has to do with the cross-over from childhood years to adolescent years.


Remember, your kid is still a kid, but they are heading towards becoming teenagers, to it is of crucial importance that you catch those last moments of their childhood.

How did your party go? Where did you celebrate it? Let us know in the comments below!