14 Simple Sleepover Games(&Activities) For The Best Party

The very best party scenario is to dip into a sleepover party! These enjoyable pajama party ideas will maintain every person satisfied as well as having a good time all evening, so let’s dive in and learn some fun party games.

Sleepover Party Ideas

Sweets Hunters

For this fun indoor or better outdoor game, you will need a flashlight for each person and a lot of candies hidden inside the house or in the backyard. Assign each candy a number of points, rare candies give you more points whole more simple ones less, Just like a real-life computer game! Whoever gets more points wins the game.

Good old Charades

You can pre-plan the words or get all the kids to write a dozen words each and put them in a hat. You can use random words, or something more specific like famous people, cartoon characters, or classmates for a bit of a twist. A classic game that never fets old.

This Or That

This is a great game for a sleepover birthday party because it does not require a lot of preparation. Just print out a few ready-made printables, and you are good to go!

Create your own pillow

As well as the classic pillow battle, you can use this scenario for an interesting crafting idea. Let kids decorate the pillows with some colorful markers or fabric pints, it will also be a great memory.

Who Has Best Tastebuds game

Get some fun foods from the shop( chicken, fish, yogurt, chocolate, pudding strawberry, cauliflower, anything that has a quite soft structure, makes it harder to guess) get a person to put on a blindfold and make them guess the kind of food they are trying. Believe me, it is not that easy without your eyes.

Cucumber party race

You can make it a spa treatment, or, for the more active ones. Put a slice of cucumber on a forehead and whoever can get the cucumber down to the mouth the fastest, wins the game.

Question Ball Game

Get a large beach ball and write loads of questions all over it. The girl who catches a sleepover ball should answer the question that her right thumb is touching.

Toilet paper( tin foil) fashion show 

You can get as creative as you want here. You can create different outfits, complete pre-prepared tasks( for example a certain person or a character, the others guess), work I team or individually or in teams, it’s only your choice!

Sell It!

This is great and also good for your debate class at its school. One person chooses an object in the room, the other one has to come up with a creative commercial to sell it.

Makeup Blindfolded

So much fun and laughs come from this one, it can also be a great idea for a youtube video to show your friends later.

Would you rather

Great and easy to organize game ideas. There are so many free themed printables all over the internet.

Nail polish spinner

This used to be one of my favorite slumber party games. You get an old board game spinner, nail polishes, and assign a number to each of your nail polish colors. The girls take a spin and then color each of their nails the color that the spinner chose.

Truth or Dare

We couldn’t have possibly have skipped this classic one. Just get a phone app with this game, or get printables suitable for the age of your girls.

Drama In The Bag

Put 6 random items in each bag, like a hat, shoelace, bag of popcorn, anything really. Separate people into teams and make them come up with a creative project that must consist of all the items in the bag. They are allowed to use scissors and tape.

Twister Outside

Using spray paint make a twister board on your lawn, it’s a lot of fun to play it this way believe me!

Here are some fun games for your sleepover party. Also, don’t forget to buy some extra toothbrushes for your guests in case somebody forgot theirs. Do not try to invite too many people at once- more people, more drama, we don’t want that, so invite 5-6 people tops. And always try to mix that party just food with a few healthy options.

Which games do you usually play at your slumber party? Please let us know in the comments below.