Thrilling Birthday Party Activities(&Games) For 2 Year Olds

It is a well-known fact that sometimes it can be challenging to entertain little kids because they haven’t yet figured out how to do it on their own. Classic party games might be a bit too complicated for the little ones as well. That’s why we have decided to create a list of cool party games easy enough to be played by both toddlers and little kids.

Dance Party

Children all love music, and haven’t learned how to be shy at the dance floor yet. So use this chance to organize a dancing party, kids can either improvise or if they are old enough you can stand in front of them an show them real simple moves( move to the right, left, jump, turn around and so on).

Obstacle Course

This game requires no props whatsoever, except for a few household things like pillows, buckets, chairs. Organize these things together so you get a fun obstacles for kids to play with. It can be best organized outside, or you can dedicate a few rooms to this activity inside. You can also incorporate other games into this activity, sort of pitstops( for example to find an object in the room, count or name easy numbers, find an object with a certain color or draw something fast).

Circle Time

Who doesn’t like circle time? Just gather all the kids in the circle, sing their favorite rhymes, and in the end read a little story. It can be a good calming activity for the possibly tired kids.

Simon Says

All kids favorite game. This is also great for your children’s development since they need to listen very attentively to what you say, plus to fully coordinate their body according to the given task. I recommend you take a short break after this one, or switch to a simpler game after this one.

Musical Bumps

It is basically a simplified version of classic Musical Chairs. The point of the game is that the children keep dancing while the music is playing, and the moments it stops they should immediately sit on the floor. Whoever is the last to sit down, leaves the game( with a little prize of course).


This can be a very cheap fun idea with many different variations. Kids can all hold the parachute, there will be a few little balls put in the middle, so all children shake the parachute and watch the balls bounce. The main rule is not to drop the ball! Adults might also hold the parachute, kids constantly go underneath it while the music is playing. The moment the music stops, all the kids should get under the parachute. The last kid to do so leaves the competition.

Bean Bag Challenge

Just get some colored bean bags( or small balls as an alternative), get a few buckets or boxes with the corresponding colors, and give kids a task to match all baskets and bags as quickly as they can.


The more it rattles, the more fun it is. It can be a nice parent-child activity, get some plastic containers, rice, pasta, beans, and duct tape so everything stays inside. The kids will love mixing all the interesting little ingredients together, and pay with the ready-made rattle afterward.

Colour a poster

Find a big poster for the kids to color, or individual printables. They can be easily matched to your party themes. You can make this game a little bit more difficult but deciding which colors the kids will use for different parts of the picture(color the head red, color the arm yellow and so on).

Sleeping Bunnies

This is a great game for the toddlers, while the music is playing, all the children are asleep, but when the music stops, the kids wake up and start jumping around the room like little bunnies.

Hope you enjoyed our toddler party games collection! Did you play any of these games? How did it go? Please let us know in the comments below!