20 Heartwarming Long Distance Birthday Ideas(Gifts,Tips)

We are all now living in the world, where you can find your love literally everywhere. We travel for pleasure, study, business, and other purposes and can’t help but meet a lot of people from all around the world. Some of them are just passers-be, whereas the other ones can become a very important part of our life. Moreover, it is so easy to meet somebody online nowadays, so it inevitably leads to a thing called a long-distance relationship. Today we are going to talk about such important things as congratulating your significant other with their birthday while being in a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend lives more than 1000 miles away from me, so today I am going to share with you my favorite ideas. But before we start, I would like to say that the key to choosing a birthday present is just to LISTEN! People always talk about what they really want, your task is to remember it and easily get the best long-distance relationship gift ever!


In this part of our article, I will share my top favorite ( and most of the time cost-free) unusual ideas of how to impress your long-distance relationship partner. Here I am not going to talk about some cheesy stuff like, for example, apps that allow you to track when your hubby flies to you next, I believe they created calendars for such things, you can also use a thing called memory. You all probably know about such thing as What’s app and its alternatives, so I’m gonna bore you with that either.

Under 50$ Non-Cliche Gifts Ideas Any Woman Would Love

  • Google photos. Yes, as simple as that. Being an experienced long-distance relationship person, I highly recommend this function. It allows you to share photos instantly, create albums together, printing this album is also a great function and an idea for a surprise birthday present. Plus it reminds you of what you did a few months/years ago, which is great for sweet memories.

  • Google Duo. It’s a better quality video and audio call app. Plus, it allows you to make cute short videos in case your partner can’t answer the phone. I consider it a wonderful long-distance relationship app. Here is an idea. On the morning of your partner’s birthday, before he or she wakes up, record a sweet happy birthday message. When they wake up, they will definitely be amazed.

  •  Online games. No not Counter-Strike.Although it might be an option too. I and my boyfriend enjoy playing scrabble, chess and checkers together using our phones, this long-distance relationship activity will for sure make you feel closer, especially on a birthday day when one might feel particularly lonely. For a birthday addition, I suggest you play something kinkier, for example, couple truth or dare.

  •  Good old Netflix. What can be better than watching a movie or a series and then have a discussion about it with your loved one? On the day of their birthday, agree to watch a movie at the same time, it will be a great beginning of the day.

  • Rosetta Stone or Duolingo apps. Have you ever tried to learn a language together? Or maybe your partner’s language? This brings people together like nothing else, plus you will definitely get points if you learn at least a few phrases in your partner’s language. I think it’s a long-distance relationship activity that will stimulate ad entertain both you and your partner. So let’s turn it into a birthday present. Just buy both of you a year of subscription to your language learning company of choice. You can even have online lessons with a real tutor, now many schools offer this option not only for one on one sessions but also for couples and groups.

  • Google location sharing option. Did you by now get the fact that I really love Google? It is a great thing to do as long as you both are ready for it. As a person in a long-distance relationship myself, I know that you sometimes miss a call, a phone might be on silence, or other scenarios when you can’t check where your beloved one is and start to worry. Just share your location with each other, and you can always see him, and he can see you. But please, no stalking! It can be a great birthday idea to suggest to share your location with your boyfriend, it is a perfect way to how much you trust him. Plus it’s a great safety feature, in general, to be honest.

  • Google Hangouts app. Yeah I know I said I wasn’t gonna talk about the messengers, but here is a really good quality one, and I swear to God it is not sponsored by Google haha. It allows you to use many cool cute stickers and gifs, so you can congratulate your significant other on their birthday in a creative way.

  • Youtube. It might sound a bit obvious, but I will still mention that. It is one of my biggest hobbies to explore Youtube and, once I have found a decent and informative video, I send it to my boyfriend to watch. He always sends me the stuff he likes too. This way you will literally be on the same page being many miles apart. So for his birthday, I suggest you make a youtube video, it can be just a lovely monologue, or you can go truly creative and make a full-blown birthday video card, depends on you. Then, as usual, just send your boyfriend a link to this video, he will be really surprised to find not just a random video, but your unique one!

  • Amazon App. I know they don’t deliver everywhere, but it is a great way to discuss your presents for each other or prepare a surprise for your partner that will be delivered to their doorstep. My boyfriend once ordered me some books I really wanted to but myself, I was beyond happy to unpack that random box with my name on it and a touching card inside!

  • We-connect. Last, but not least, let’s make it hot dear readers! This app brings you to close together as much as possible, so no more sexual frustration for the two of you. Once this app is connected, your partner can control the level of vibrations for your pleasure! For those who are not very shy, you can even make a video call while using the app to get an even better experience! Believe me, any man would absolutely love that.


  • Order a surprise birthday cake. There are so many little cute bakeries that will fulfill any creative dream you have. Just search the web for a bakery with good reviews somewhere not far from your partner’s place, choose his favorite filling and the design, and that is all you need to do. He will be thrilled to get the whole birthday cake to his doorstep. And the fact that it is from you makes it truly special.

  • Wish tickets. This is very creative, and will certainly make your boyfriend happy. Just print and cut out little pieces of paper in the shape of a triangle and print out different actions that your boyfriend can ‘demand’ and you will have to do that. For example’ this ticket is for 1 very passionate kiss’, ‘ this ticket gives you a right to choose a takeaway option tonight’, ‘ I will have to clean your room with this ticket’…variants are endless. Single-use tickets only!

  • Send a gift card. Who said that gift cards can’t be personal? For example, my boyfriend really loves the things I know virtually nothing about( technology and gadgets). He is constantly talking about some headphones and graphics cards. So, instead of being anxious if I have chosen the right item, I just sent him a gift card with a balance on it so he can buy the right item.

  • Blind dinner. This is a very unusual and exciting idea to have dinner in absolute darkness. But for this one, you will have to wait till you come over to see him. On the day of his birthday call him and get him excited about a surprise present which you have prepared, and that he will only get it when you come over.

  • Spa day. This gift will also have to wait till one of you come to see each other.  Book both of you an appointment at a nice spa center so you can spend time together and relax at the same time. Some spas will let you book the whole room with a variety of different saunas and a swimming pool, this is a great birthday present.

  • Send a postcard. I like sending them to my boyfriend from different countries which I happened to travel to without him. Even if you send it from your hometown, it will be a great birthday present to get since it will have your handwriting and all that cool stamps on it.

  • Send a letter. This variant is suitable for a more romantic type of boyfriend. If it is your case, go for it. Just write everything you think about, describe your day, your gift idea for him, and of course, say how much you miss him and can’t wait to meet. This will warm up your boyfriend’s day on his birthday while you are away.

  • Make a scrapbook.  This variant works great if you are a creative person. Even if you are not, don’t be upset because now there are a lot of companies that will do it for you. Just provide them with your favorite pictures together, and you are all set.

  • Mini coffee thermos. All major coffee companies like Starbucks and Costa are now selling their branded mugs and to-go cups. Why don’t you get one of those for your boyfriend? It is not just a useful, but also eco-friendly item, trendy!

  • Pocketbook. This is a truly useful gift for those in a long-distance relationship. It will help to kill the time when you travel to see each other. To make it even more personalized, upload a couple of his favorite books for him to enjoy while he is traveling.


Today we have talked about many ideas for a long-distance birthday. Since you are apart from each other a lot, making a thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to express your feelings and show your love. Hope you enjoyed my list, let me know if you use any of them in the comments below!