How To Send A Reminder On Evite?

Evite lets its users create invitations and reminders. For a short answer, go on to “Add Guest” on your invitation, click “Event Reminders”, and then customize the settings on when you want to send your reminder. To help you, we’re going to teach you the whole process in today’s article. What are Reminders in Evite? […]

What Is Proper Invitation/RSVP Etiquette?

Attending the celebration of a loved one is always exciting. But being a coveted guest involves loads of expectations and etiquette. Responding to an invitation is among the most critical etiquettes of a guest. What Is Proper Invitation Etiquette? The way you invite your guests defines your choices and the tone of the party you […]

70th Birthday Guide: Colors, Themes, Presents And More

Reaching 70 is an incredible milestone. Many years ago, it was unheard of even to reach old age. A 70th birthday is a beautiful achievement, and it is a significant cause of celebration. When you reach 70, your birthday is symbolized by the color platinum. It is a special occasion with many traditions associated with […]

60th Birthday Guide: Colors, Themes, Presents And More

The 60th birthday is one of the most significant milestones in a person’s life, celebrated with pomp and merry. Generally, people use different colors to commemorate and mark such milestones. Therefore, What color symbolizes the 60th birthday? Black and white splashed with silver and gold are the perfect color symbols for a 60th birthday. Below […]

What Are The Colors For The 65th Birthday?(+Gifts, Wishes)

Birthdays are always a fun and delightful event to celebrate with your close family and friends. But, we all know there’s something special about the 65th birthday that makes it stand out from all other events. So, we try to make it as memorable as possible by ensuring a beautiful decoration with attractive colors. But […]

Epic 15th Birthday Ideas No Party(30 options)

Today I am going to tell you about various ways of celebrating your 15th birthday party. Wait, the title says no party. My bad. Let’s try again. This article will fully cover your options for celebrating your 15th birthday without an actual party. It doesn’t matter whether you are a spring, summer, fall or winter […]

Gay Birthday Party Ideas

5 Quick&Easy Gay Birthday Party Ideas

Let’s bring some pride to this website! I am so excited to write this post today because my mission when I was starting this blog was to make it easier for absolutely everybody to have a birthday party, but I was totally missing out on our LGBTQ folks, not good. So today I am going […]