Does Stainless Steel Show Fingerprints?(Yes)+Alternatives

The attractive design and durability of stainless steel appliances can surely convince you to keep some in your house. Despite the attractive look, people are also worried about the fingerprints appearing on steel appliances. But does stainless steel show fingerprints? Yes, stainless steel catches fingerprints easily. Black/brushed stainless steel doesn’t show fingerprints like traditional stainless […]

How Do You Harden Playdough Without Cracking It?(10 Steps)

While many people consider playdough to be a child’s toy, several others admire the beautiful sculptures and compelling masterpieces it can make. After making beautiful sculptures from play-doh, we want to keep them for a few days. But, the barrier comes with maintaining its original shape, which isn’t possible without hardening it. So, how do […]

Answered: Can Bamboo Flooring Be Stained?(+Staining Tips)

The versatile finish and eco-friendly properties of bamboo flooring have become popular among homeowners in the past few years. But, many people want to refinish parts of their house later, and the bamboo floor causes the most confusion. So, can bamboo flooring be stained? Yes, you can stain bamboo flooring! However, you are more likely […]

What Are The Colors For The 65th Birthday?(+Gifts, Wishes)

Birthdays are always a fun and delightful event to celebrate with your close family and friends. But, we all know there’s something special about the 65th birthday that makes it stand out from all other events. So, we try to make it as memorable as possible by ensuring a beautiful decoration with attractive colors. But […]

Explained: Can You Put Acrylic Stain Over Oil Stain?(+Tips)

Most of us prefer oil-based paint when painting kitchen cabinets or house walls due to its glossy and smooth texture. But, this choice can become a bad idea when we want to change the color and opt for acrylic paints. So, can you put acrylic stain over oil stain? You cannot directly put acrylic stain […]

Solved: How To Easily Make Funnel Cake With Pancake Mix

Funnel cake is one of those weird treats that Americans can’t get enough of but is pretty foreign to those overseas. There is something about the smell of the fried batter and powdered sugar that makes people nostalgic – so much so that it creates a desire to make it at home. But, what if […]