Timeless Top 10 Party Games(Activities) For Your Kids

As a kid, events are the very best of fun. What’s not to enjoy spending a huge section of the day with your pals, chuckling as well as running about celebrating life! As moms and dad, preparation as well as organizing your youngster’s birthday celebration party can seem like an impressive duty. I prefer to follow the simple classic.

Timeless kids party food, traditional birthday celebration themes and also timeless games. In my point of view, they have actually obtained traditional standing since they have stood the examination of time, being taken pleasure in by countless kids all over the world.

Certainly, in some parts of the globe, your traditional birthday celebration games could look a little various or perhaps be called differently- yet anywhere you live, your children make certain to produce incredible youth memories of happiness as well as joy and giggling with a  game or more from this listing!


Fun and active game to get your party rolling (or crawling I should say). Easy to set up and easy to play, instead of a stick, you can use anything!

Musical chairs

Time for some tunes and a bit of a competitive spirit. Great game for the kids to burn off some of that sugar.

Treasure Hunt

Here your kids will use all their imagination. For little kids to use picture instructions, the older ones can get written once.


A simple and fun hit of every party, not only kids party necessarily.

Pass the Parcel

This one is one of my favorites. Buy a lot of tiny presents and write different funny notes calling for different actions. Alternate them wrapping each one in an individual layer of wrapping paper till you get about 20-30 of them, such fun!

The Chocolate

This game can be played instead of deserts. The kids roll the dice in turns, once a kid gets a 6, he can start eating chocolate, but only using fork and knife!!!! They can continue to do so till somebody else rolls a 6.

Sleeping Lions

This game is more on the peaceful side. Just remember, no matter what happens, you should not move a muscle! That’s the only way to get candy.

Sack Race

Kids classic, you can play just the sack race or incorporate some obstacles and tasks for added fun.

Scavenger Hunt

One of my favorite games as a kid. And now as an adult, I enjoy coming up with some creative tasks for this game.

Musical Statues

There can never be too much music or dancing at the party, making this game one of the bast party choices.

Did you play any of these party favorites? Did your kids enjoy it? What games would you add to this list?

Let us know in the comments below!