10 Scrumptious Finger Food Ideas For Kids(Todlers) Party

Are you thinking about what food to choose for your next children’s party? Then you chose the right article. Here we have made a great list of little pretty, and tasty, most importantly, finger foods for your kids to indulge in. They are all either very easy to make or you can just but then at your local supermarket. Some ideas involve some decorative work from your kids, but it makes it even more fun! No need to look through Pinterest, we have already done that for you.


Apple fruit doughnuts

This is a healthier variation of a good oldd doughnut, I am sure your kids will enjoy the idea of creating their very own party snack, and it is not a boring apple anymore, it’s a tasty treat!

Mini Pancakes

One of my favorites. It is so easy to make a bunch of those little pancakes on a breakfast griddle, and then make many different variations out of them. For example a sweet variant with banana and Nutella, or more of a birthday lunch thing with sausage and cheese inside.

Cotton candy popcorn

This is for sure an eye candy of every party. Popcorn-good. Candy floss- good. Guess what will happen if you mix them together?

Pizza pinwheels

If your kids are a bit too young to handle an adult size pizza, start them off with these mini pizzas, you can easily make it at home using some ready-made dough and simply put all that you want to be in your pizza inside of it, cut, put in the oven, boom, it’s all ready! If your kids are old enough, you can even organize a little cooking TV show and use them as your sous-chefs.

Watermelon cutouts

Here your kids can make literally anything out of the fruit. Just make sure you get different types of cookie cutters, so your kids can fo wild. It will be very cool if you get alphabet cookie cutters, so your kids can spell out their names, and eat them in the end.

Fruit bowls

Moner nature supplied us with all those natural and bright colors. Why not to facilitate it and make beautiful mini bawls of pre-cut fruit for your kids?

Salad cups

Same goes for salad cups. Healthy and colorful, a great break for your kids from all that sugar rush that id usually happening at the birthday parties.

Funny dip

Be creative with this point. Your bowl of dip can become a sun, an animal, or even a person. Kids will definitely love this idea, plus it id another good way to incorporate some veggies in your kid’s stomach.

Mac-n-cheese bites

I don’t think this one needs any further explanation. Who doesn’t like mack and cheese? It will become an instant hit at your kid’s party for sure.

Dinosaur deviled eggs

Last, but not least, dinosaur deviled eggs. If you are feeling creative, this will be a very interesting tasty starter for your party to start rolling. You don’t have to do specifically this design, you can choose any color and theme suitable for your event.

To sum up, all these dishes will fit your celebration perfectly. Kids will appreciate having something interesting to look at, and then you can eat that interesting thing and be happy. Take some funny photos of children having fun exploring their food options, it will be great for the family album.

Which dishes will you choose. Will you maybe add something to our list? Please let us know in the comments below!