60 Cheerful Happy 19th Birthday Wishes&Quotes

Today we are going to talk about how you can wish a happy 19th birthday to your loved ones. Turning 19 is a huge milestone because your child or a friend is about to leave their teenage years behind and become a young adult, which, as we all know, will bring so many more responsibilities and worries into their lives. Being 19 is basically the last chance to enjoy being called a teenager, be wild, make mistakes, experience things and not have many consequences to deal with. That’s why it is of crucial importance to make the best out of your 19th birthday party, with an important part being the right happy 19th birthday wish. So let’s get started and discuss all the best wishes out there. Check out the best teenager gift ideas on Amazon now!


Many parents of many teenagers ask this question. And my answer is definitely yes. Every birthday is important actually because every year we learn something new, deal with problems, overcome numerous hurdles, develop, explore…It is especially true when we talk about children, teens, and young adults.

Keeping the following in mind, it is very important that your teenager gets the best birthday occasion when they turn 19 because they truly deserve it. It is a chance for you and your family to express so much-needed love and support to your teenager.


Technically, a teenager is a young person whose age falls within the range of 13–19. They are called teenagers because their age number ends with the suffix”teen”. So yes, 19 is the last year a person can be called a teenager. Starting from the age of 20, they will be commonly called “young adults”.

So while your teen is still a teen, you can fool around and send them this hilarious video on the morning of their birthday:




I have only one wish when it comes to you: keep being an awesome person you are now, kind, sweet, reliable and generous.


You have one more year to enjoy being a party animal, so let’s use this year to the full together before we become official adults!


Having a chance to watch you grow up and turn into a beautiful person you are now has been incredible, so today is your day, go out there and shine bright.


You grow up so incredibly fast, look at you, you are almost an adult, I couldn’t have been prouder of you, happy birthday.


I adore you so much, I am absolutely grateful to be your friend and be able to share this wonderful day with you, happy 19th birthday


I wish you to keep on fulfilling all your childhood dreams, even if they seem too crazy, go for it, anything you put your mind to will come true.


I wish you the best 19th birthday ever, I hope you make all the right choice in life, and they will bring you a huge success in life. At the same time I wish you to learn to accept your mistakes, they are the steps on the way up!


When I look at you, I see sheer potential. So, on this beautiful day, I wish you to use this potential at 100%.


Happy 19th birthday sweetheart, lets make this day special and memorable together!


I can see how hard you work every day to achieve your goals, if you keep going like this, you will be a superstar!


My dear friend, I am so delighted to be a part of your big day, I can see you changing and becoming a better version of yourself, keep reaching for the stars darling.


Happy 19th birthday! Remember, no matter what happens, I will always be by your side and you can always lean on me.


Sometimes it may seem that the clock if moving way to fast, but if you follow that beat, it can be so much fun.


There so much more to this life than you can imagine right now, so I wish you to always have a courage to go out there and explore things.


No matter how old you get, you will always be my child and I will always be worried about you my darling, happy 19th birthday!


On this wonderful day I will give you one important piece of advice: always remember to spend time with your family no matter how busy your life gets.


The only thing I can wish for is for you to keep your wonderful character and attitude that you have had for many years, happy birthday!


There will be so many opportunities knocking on your door soon, make sure you never miss the door bell ringing.


I want you to remember something on this important day: there is always a push button you can press and deal with all your problems a bit later.


May you never experience sorrow and may you live a long fulfilled life full of joy and happiness.


Happy 19th birthday my love!Even though you are such a nerd at school, I absolutely adore you and know for sure you will reach great heights.


I respect you so much sweetheart, you are so young, but you have so many responsibilities on your shoulders which you handle perfectly well, you are my role model, happy birthday!


Your journey into adulthood will feel so fast, don’y forget to take pitstops and simply enjoy it!


On this important day I can see how much you are ready to step into adulthood dear, I am immensely proud of what you have achieved.


Enjoy every bit of your teenage life this year, next year you will need to have more responsibilities, and I am absolutely sure you will nail your adult life sweety!



Always remember to take one step at a time, don’t try to rush things and let your life flow, happy 19th birthday!


Never let any person change who you really are and what you want to be in this life, it is only for you to decide.


Things don’t always go according to your plan, so I wish you to learn to take things easy when you have no control over them.


The most important part is that you get what you have been dreaming of, the rest is history.


Happy birthday! Soon I believe you will write your own exciting story of life which other people will look up to and be inspired.


I can see it in your eyes how determined you are to achieve all your goals and live the best version of your life!


You are one year closer to becoming an adult, so make sure you cross out all those things off your teenage bucket list.


This is the year when you are going to take a gap year and make memorable journeys, enjoy every moment of it, and have a happy 19th birthday!


Happy birthday dear friend, let this wonderful day be a reminder and a beginning of all the most fantastic events in your life!


There is never a day when you don’t do kind things or help others, keep it up, and have a great birthday celebration!


Relax for a moment and let yourself live a life that is worth telling stories about.


I am so honoured to be a part of your life, being with you through thick and thin, I believe our friendship will step from teenage into the adulthood years with us, happy birthday!


Promise me to never settle for anything less than you deserve, live your life to the full.


We have been friends for, as it seems, ages, I wish for us to stay by each other’s side for as long as we live!


My dear friend, you are truly getting older and wiser, can’t wait to see what wonderful transformations you will experience in the future!


I can see that you are about to enter a completely different life stage, I am so happy to live it to the fullest with you!


I am so greatful that you are able to go out of your way sometimes, it shows me that you truly care, happy birthday.


Happy birthday dear, get out of your cave and just enjoy life!


Here is a cake with nineteen candles on it, I want to come up with 19 wishes for this year, and do everything for it to come true, enjoy your life!


Happy birthday!There will be so many opportunities coming your way in this your, I wish you to always be able to recognize them and use them to your advantage.


I can’t quite put it into words how happy I am that you turned out to be a person you are, shine bright, happy birthday!


I want this day to be the highlight of the year, so let me greet you a happy 19th birthday sweetheart and make it fantastic for you!


You are so unbelievably strong inside, it is so rare in teenagers, keep it up and you will achieve anything you desire.


Happy 19th birthday darling, just wanted to let you know that I wish only the best things for you in the upcoming year!


I love you for who you are, never change your unique way, happy birthday!


You are a bright, studious person with a beautiful soul, I am certain you will conquer the world one day, happy birthday!


Your adventurous mindset plus your bright mind are a perfect combination, I am so glad to have a person like you by my side, happy birthday!


Happy 19th birthday! Thank you for bringing so much positivity and energy into our lives!


I care for you so much, Just wanted to with you all the best from the bottom of my heart on this beautiful day when such a beautiful person was born.


Happy birthday!Just wanted to remind you, no matter what happens, I will always be by your side, you are my best partner in crime!


Time is slowly going by, but there is one thing that I am sure will never change, that is our friendship.


Today we have discussed many ways of how you can wish a happy 19th birthday to your child or your friend. You don’t have to stick to the variants I have listed here, there is always a way for improvisation. To make your birthday wish truly special and personal, just add some details only you know about the person you are saying happy birthday to, it will melt their heart.