5 Quick&Easy Gay Birthday Party Ideas

Gay Birthday Party Ideas

Let’s bring some pride to this website! I am so excited to write this post today because my mission when I was starting this blog was to make it easier for absolutely everybody to have a birthday party, but I was totally missing out on our LGBTQ folks, not good. So today I am going to cover the topic of how you can organize a fantastic gay pride birthday party in 5 easy steps.


Today I am going to talk only about a classic Rainbow Theme since it represents diversity and is iconic for the gay community, but you can choose any other theme if you feel like it, make sure you check my blog for some interesting themes.

So, Rainbows.

It is one of my favorite themes out there, to be honest. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money planning it through, so here are some cheap and colorful ideas to decorate your party room:

  • Rainbow Tassel Garland
  • Rainbow Balloons
  • Rainbow streamers
  • Rainbow tablecloth and/or napkins, plates

That should do it, you can get most of that stuff at Dollar Tree or Walmart, or order it from Amazon to avoid driving which won’t cost more than 30$ tops.

Important tip: here is a video of how to make a cool rainbow background, you can also dedicate this space to making photos, so it can serve as a budget photo booth, the star of every party!


Rainbow theme party normally doesn’t require much of dress code because the decorations are bright and colorful, but if you really want, here are some ideas:

  • Rainbow clothes. Each guest should choose one of the colors of the rainbow( you need to coordinate them in advance so you don’t have a ” blue” or “orange” party instead of a rainbow one) and get an item of closing in this color. You can get some nice photos if your guests are dressed this way.
  • Rainbow makeup. Instead of choosing clothes, you can just ask your guests to make rainbow makeup. It doesn’t have to be a youtube makeup tutorial worthy material, you can just paint a rainbow on your cheek or arm.
  • Pride pins. You can provide them for the guests, or let them take care of it themselves. It is a nice little uniting element for those who are not really into costumes or makeup.


I personally use Facebook invitations or create a group in Whatsapp where people can discuss stuff and share the ideas for the party. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can buy or make the invitations yourself and send them out.

I don’t think I need to explain how to buy the invitations.

If you want to get crafty, here is a simple but cute and full of rainbows variant for you:

  • You will need 2 types of cardboard, one for the invitation itself, one for the cloud in the middle.
  • Also, get 6 different colors of color ribbon and some color pens or markers+glue
  • Make invitations by folding the cardboard
  • Then cut and glue all 6 pieces of ribbon to the cardboard
  • Cut out a cloud from the white cardboard, and glue it on top of the ribbons
  • Write anything you want on the cloud
  • You are all set!

Gay Birthday Party Ideas


So far, we have already chosen our pride decorations and made/bought our party invitations. Time to plan the guest’s entertainment. Here I will specifically talk about some gay party games and activities.

You can find some conventional party board games here.

Let’s get back to business, here are some awesome and unique ways of entertaining your guests in a gay party style:

Costume contest

We all would love to dress up and be somebody else, even just for a day or so. With this party game, you get a chance to become your favorite movie star or singer.

Since it’s a gay party, you can shake up things a little bit. Here is the rule: all women should dress like men celebrities, all men should dress like women celebrities. So once everybody gathers around, you can play a “guess my character” game.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can rent or buy a bunch of generic dresses, trousers, and shirts, and make your guests improvise on the spot trying to imitate a famous person. It would be cool if you also provided them with some makeup to help the transformation.

Gay History Quiz

This option will work great for those who like a good brain challenge. Before the party, come up with 10-20 questions about gay people’s history, divide the guests into teams, and may the strongest group win! I suggest you warn your guests about this game in advance, so they get a chance to brush up on some information or learn something completely new for them.

Here are some examples( right answer in italics) :

1)Which President made it illegal for the U.S. Government to employ homosexuals?

  • Benjamin Harrison
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Richard Nixon

2)When was the first American soldier dismissed from the armed forces for being gay?

  • 1778
  • 1680
  • 1815
  • 1973

3)The now-familiar Rainbow Flag was first designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978 in San Francisco. The flag now has how many stripes?

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

4)What day is the US-originated (but internationally observed) National Coming Out Day?

  • May 1
  • March 15
  • January 5
  • October 11

5)When was the first gay and lesbian march on Washington?

  • 1980
  • 1975
  • 1965
  • 1960

“Who Am I” Gay Addition

We all know this game where you get a sticker attached to you which you can’t see. You simply need to guess who your famous person is by asking everybody around questions. Remember, they can only answer ”Yes” or ”No”.

Here are the names you can put on the cards:


Gay Movie Night+Game

There are just so many great movies describing the relationship between gay people, so why don’t you watch some of them at the end of your party?

Since it’s a party, not a movie theatre, I recommend playing a little gay movie game before you actually start watching something.

The rule is simple, you take the name of the movie, for example, “Brokeback Mountain”, and mix all the letters in it as much as you can. Then your guests will need to guess what movie it originally was.

It looks like this:

b n m u o i n t a k c a b o e k r ( Brokeback Mountain)

n m i r w o p y d v a a i o h e t  (My Own Private Idaho)

Little Something As A Prize

Yey!!! Your party guests did such an amazing job solving all the puzzles and answering all your trivia questions! They need a little something as a reward, don’t you think?

If you are feeling creative, you can come up with funny nominations like” social butterfly of the party”, “the best dessert exterminator”, or” the brains of the party”, and nominate your guests.

Make sure absolutely every guest gets a party favor as a prize and as a thank you for coming, it can be a bag of cool sweets, a pin, or maybe a group party photo.


Oh food, glorious food. I left this topic for dessert. It is not a secret, that no matter what kind of crowd you have invited to your party, they all will want to eat. I have already written a cool article on easy party food, so you might want to check it out. Some of those options are interactive, so you might as well make some of them together with your guests.

But as I said before, here I want to specifically talk about Rainbow Pride Party Theme stuff, so here goes:

Important tip: no matter what food you serve, if you really can’t be bothered to do the things I will talk about, just buy a bunch of colorful paper plates and cups( no plastic, let’s think of environment) and put any snacks and foods on them, and you are party-ready!

Rainbow Pride Party Snacks

Remember, for a rainbow party you don’t really have to lay the stuff out in a rainbow colors order, any colorful food will do, for example:

  • Popcorn( Unicorn Popcorn will work great too)
  • Mini Muffins with sprinkles on top
  • M&Ms portioned out into small cups
  • Fruit(or fruit skewers)
  • Vegetables with a dip(or vegetable skewers)
  • Different color soda poured into individual bottles
  • Any booze can be added to a previous option to get the party going

Rainbow Pride Party Mains

I prefer to keep the main meal not party-themed since the main purpose of it is just to keep your guests pleasantly full and happy. For your pride rainbow theme party main you can serve the following:

  • Rainbow pizza
  • Hamburgers or hotdogs
  • Steaks or sausages
  • Mac-and-cheese
  • Salad bar
  • Taco bar

Rainbow Pride Party Desserts

And we are slowly making our way to the part you all were secretly waiting for: the dessert. The rainbow theme goes perfectly well with the desserts, whether you are serving mini cupcakes or a full-blown rainbow birthday cake. Here there can be 2 possible scenarios:

  • You buy your cake. Quick and simple.
  • You make your cake. This is a slightly longer shot, but believe me, it’s worth it. You can buy a ready-made cake mix, separate it into different bowls, add food coloring, bake it, then prepare a filling of your choice( I usually go for classic whipped cream) and then put your cake together. The decor is totally up to you. That’s it, ready.

Gay Birthday Party Ideas


For those of you wonderful people who want to celebrate a birthday party but don’t quite want to organize one, I have come up with a list of things you can do:

  • Cinema. It is a pleasant and budget option for your birthday party. You can try to find a movie featuring LGBTQ related topics to make it a gay theme related event. Thankfully different groups of people are better represented at the cinema now. Grab some popcorn, soda, and enjoy your experience. You can go and grab a juicy burger after.
  • Theatre. This variant is for the artsy ones. I and my friends truly enjoy going to the theatre, and it’s a popular birthday present among us. After you have finished, you can go to a nice restaurant or a bar to continue a pleasant evening.
  • Day at the beach. If you are lucky enough to have a birthday in spring or summer, or you live in a warm country, you can pack a picnic basket, take your friends and relatives, and spend a nice peaceful day at the beach playing games or just sunbathing.
  • Theme Part. This is another great variant to celebrate your birthday with the nearest and dearest without throwing a party. Just choose which theme park you like, get the tickets, and that’s about it with the preparations. If you decide to go to a theme park a few hours away from your home, you can also enjoy a fun road trip with your friends.
  • Zoo. We all love animals, aren’t we? I am sure you and your friends will be thrilled to spend a few hours observing the animals, learning something new about each species, and simply having a good old natter with your friends and family. Don’t forget to grab some crappy but delicious food at the food court!


Today we have discussed in detail what theme to choose for your gay birthday party. We also talked about invitations, dress code, party games, and food. We even discussed how you can have your queer party without actually having a party. Now I can rest knowing that I have provided you with all the information necessary for having a fantastic birthday event. 

The main thing is that you are surrounded by friends and family who love you on this wonderful day. Be wild and free, but not too wild though, otherwise, somebody mighty calls the police on you. I wish you a wonderful celebration.