60th Birthday Guide: Colors, Themes, Presents And More

The 60th birthday is one of the most significant milestones in a person’s life, celebrated with pomp and merry. Generally, people use different colors to commemorate and mark such milestones.

Therefore, What color symbolizes the 60th birthday? Black and white splashed with silver and gold are the perfect color symbols for a 60th birthday. Below is a more detailed 60th birthday color guide.

What is the 60th Birthday Called?

The 60th birthday is known as a diamond jubilee for most people. It is a major milestone for most people. Diamond jubilee is commemorated and celebrated with extreme extravagance. This is because, after the 60th year, the person starts a different life.

Why is the 60th birthday called diamond jubilee? Diamond jubilees were originally celebrated on their 75th anniversary. However, it changed in the UK to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 60-year reign celebrated on 22nd June 1897.

A diamond jubilee could represent a celebration in the reign of a monarch or a wedding anniversary.

What Colors Are Used for the 60th Birthday?

For an upcoming 60th birthday, it is important to get the celebrations right. To do so, you need to choose the theme and color that indeed match the event. Colors play a significant role in making a celebration stand out and resonate well with the attendees.

Classic Black and White/ Silver and Gold

Choose classic colors for a 60th birthday party. For an elegant, classic look for the 60th birthday, choose white and black, gold or silver. You can go for one or a combination of two or more. White and black color schemes are ideal for a nostalgic birthday party. You can choose to decorate the birthday party with black and white photos of the loved one in their early days.

In addition, for an elegant 60th birthday party, you can couple black with either silver or gold. String metallic 60″ symbols from walls or ceilings. You can also use the same black and white photos by framing them in silver or gold frames.

 Bright, Elegant Purple and Blue

Bold colors like blue and purple are also ideal color theme choices for a 60th birthday. 60th birthday decorations such as banners come in an assortment of bright colors and patterns. In addition, most of these are often purple and blue with typically black backgrounds.

Playing with these colors produces a wonderful color effect for a 60th birthday party. However, the secret is to discover the person’s favorite color when opting for bright and festive colors.

Generally, avoid going for pastel colors for the 60th birthday party unless the majority of the attendees are retirees. In addition, when choosing the colors for the 60th birthday, ensure the person is comfortable with the idea of being teased bout his age.

What is the Stone for the 60th Birthday?

Are you at a loss for a 60th birthday gift idea? Gemstones provide a wide range of options that carry inspiration and meaning. Unfortunately, there are no definitive gemstones for anniversaries. On the bright side, a gem is still a worthy natural anniversary gift.

60th birthdays, also known as diamond jubilees, can be commemorated with different jewels. However, diamonds are usually more befitting. Diamond is the traditional stone associated with 60th and 75th birthday anniversaries. Bonus point if you are celebrating the 60th birthday in April since diamonds are April’s birthstones.

Diamonds are extremely precious stones used even in wedding anniversaries. They make the perfect gift for a 60th birthday.

What Flower Represents the 60th Birthday?

Whether it is for decorating the 60th birthday party or a lovely gift to your loved one, flowers are almost always welcome. Flowers help to set the mood for a birthday party and help to improve the decor.

However, not just any flower will cut it. Since it is a special occasion, you need to be particular about the flowers you use, choosing the ones that represent the 60th birthday.

Orchids are the classic 60th birthday flowers with their symbolic meaning of love, beauty, strength, and luxury. In addition, orchids can be used to represent long life, refinement, mature charm, and thoughtfulness. Orchids are also the Chinese symbols for fertility and many children.

Phalaenopsis orchids are good luck flowers. When presented as a 60th birthday gift, they represent the best of luck in their next endeavors in life.

If the loved one doesn’t like orchids, red roses are considered viable alternatives representing the 60th birthday. A bouquet of red roses is a symbol of unconditional love to the recipient.

Other flower alternatives that have been used far and wide to represent the 60th birthday include;

  • Lily
  • Gloriosa.
  • Dahlia.

What is a Good Theme for A 60th Birthday Party?

Any good birthday party features a unique eye-catchy theme. A theme gives the party some taste and directions, for example, the expected dress codes.

The best 60th birthday party theme is one that captures the honoree’s spirit. Nailing this task requires you to understand and know them real close to have a clue about their preferences and likes. Below are some 60th birthday theme ideas to choose from:

  1. Vintage Theme

No one likes to be reminded that they are getting old. However, a good throwback can go a long way to appreciate the honoree’s past and relive the good old days. Organize a vintage-themed party with lots of their old photos.

In addition, you can also provide old-fashioned drinks and food. You can also decorate the birthday event venue with sepia-colored decor. Have everyone dress in old-fashioned attires that symbolize the honoree’s early days.

  1. Wine Theme

Is your loved one a sincere wine lover? This theme is directed towards celebrating the wine lover in your family who just turned 60. Feature their favorite wine labels and encourage the birthday attendees to carry their own.

If the person’s hobbies include wine-tasting, you can feature blind wine-tasting as the primary event. Doing so is also an ideal way to kickstart the birthday party and also honor the main person.

Alternative themes for a 60th birthday include:

  • Black and white themed party
  • Surprise party theme.

What do You Wear to A 60th Birthday Party?

Your dress code is often relative to the chosen birthday theme. Another indicator for the expected dress code is the venue of the party. For example, if you are attending a garden or barbecue party, a more laid-back and casual style will be more appropriate. However, if the birthday party is in a restaurant, go for a more business casual dress code.

Generally, while dressing up in formal or party attire is a good idea for celebrating a milestone birthday, do not cross boundaries by showing up in nightclub clothes. Consult with the party hosts beforehand in case there is a general expectation of what guests should wear to the party.

What is the Traditional Gift for A 60th Birthday?

Sixty years is a true milestone that ought to be celebrated with the respect it deserves. Most importantly, it would be best to give the honoree a gift that truly represents your feelings and admiration for them.

The traditional birthday gift for the 60th birthday is diamonds. Unfortunately, not everyone wants or can afford real diamonds. Therefore, you can settle for something inspired by the valuable stone. However, there is nothing wrong with breaking out of this tradition, especially if you are sure the honoree won’t mind something entirely different.

Some other gift ideas for a 60th birthday include:

  • A luxurious perfume
  • A fully-sponsored dream vacation
  • Personalized whiskey and tumblers
  • A spa session

Find out what they might love for their 60th birthday gift and surprise them with it.

What Activities Are Ideal for A 60th Birthday Party?

Dancing is a popular activity for any birthday party. However, with senior birthdays, you may want to keep the dancing appropriate and avoid the usual grinding common in club dancing. You have to assume the party’s attendees include the honoree’s senior friends and colleagues.

Besides dancing, you can opt to share stories and memories with the birthday celebrant. Of course, not everyone will appreciate hearing every detail about themselves repeated aloud, so ensure the audience is ideal. Alternative birthday party activities include karaoke, playing board games, or anything the honoree might fancy doing.

What Is the Typical Timeframe for a 60th Birthday Party?

Starting and expected ending time for the party matters a lot as well. While the 60-year-old may not be going to bed as early as five pm, a birthday party that does not start before 10 pm is not ideal. The ideal time for a 60th birthday party is between 6 pm to 10 pm. However, if the honoree doesn’t appear to mind, you can stretch it a little longer.

Bottom Line

The 60th birthday, commonly known as a diamond jubilee is an important milestone. Things you should look out for when planning the party include dress codes and party themes. But, most importantly, ensure you get your loved one gifts that genuinely represent and appreciate the blessing of turning 60.