Pre-Birthday(Post-Birthday) Party Explained

Is the date even important? When we are kids, we tend to love our birthdays so much that we want to make it last not one, not two, but maybe even three days! Why not? Celebrating for a few days might mean more presents and more attention. Even when we grow up, I personally think we shouldn’t forget about our birthdays like many adults tend to do, but instead make a very special occasion for you, your family and friends! Check out the best birthday gift ideas on Amazon now!

Pre-birthday celebration

Pre birthday celebration is when you for some reason decided to celebrate your birthday before its actual day. There can be a few reasons why you would want to organize that:

  1. The date of the actual celebration is inconvenient for you or your loved ones
  2. You need to work
  3. You had some health/other problems
  4. You want to get your presents earlier( no judgment here)

The main idea is to organize your pre-birthday celebration in advance because many of your friends will never think to congratulate you earlier. 

Variants of celebrating your birthday early can be exactly the same as if you would celebrate it on time:

  1. Nice cozy family gettogether
  2. A Pub or a restaurant reservation
  3. House party
  4. Cinema or theatre visit+ something like a bar visit after it
  5. Karaoke(regardless of your singing abilities)
  6. Escape room for more intellectual ones
  7. Picnic
  8. Whichever else that comes to your mind really

Remember, your birthday is just a calendar day, but the time spent with your friends and family(and presents) is precious! You don’t really need a particular day to tell you when to have a nice time, do you?

Post-birthday celebration

A Post-Birthday celebration is when you celebrate the day after your actual birthday. Exactly the same rules apply to a post-birthday celebration. It is your day(well, a few days as we figured out), and it is you who decides when to celebrate your birthday. I sometimes have to travel for work on my actual birthday, so I just tell my friends and family that we are doing things slightly differently, nobody ever had a problem with that.

When you pick a date to celebrate, it means the others get to choose as well, so you can pick a date suitable for your whole gang, and nobody gets anxious that they have to alter or cancel their plans because of your birthday.


To sum it up, it doesn’t matter where and when you celebrate your birthday, or how you call it. The thing that matters is those people you spend it with.