25 Cool Ways To Spend Your Birthday Alone(Pandemic-Friendly)

Since we were little children, the idea that a birthday celebration means having a party involving at least a few other people has become deeply entrenched in our minds. But is that really necessary to have other people around you to enjoy your very special day? Let’s find out.

Is It OK To Be Alone On Your Birthday?

The answer is yes! Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, that’s the beauty of it. Your circumstances for being alone on your birthday might differ, but the fact that you shouldn’t get bogged down in feeling lonely and miserable just because you are alone is undoubtful. It gives you a unique chance to do what you want on this special day, use it to your advantage!

After all, you can spend this day reflecting on what you want to do in life or opt for going out and having fun on your own. In other words, it’s totally up to you what to do, so embrace it. Since we started talking about how to spend your birthday if you happened to be alone, let’s dig deeper into this topic.

What To Do For Your Birthday When You Are Alone?

So now I am going to tell you my favorite ways to spend your birthday in the company of just your beautiful self. I will do my best to include activities suitable for different budgets, time of year, and social distancing.

1.An At-Home Spa Day

Birthday is all about the much-needed self-care we all deserve. So let’s start off with organizing a spa place right in your bathroom. Get a few face masks that you really like, a bath bomb, maybe a few new face and body care products that are a bit out of your price range usually, and kickstart your birthday morning by looking after yourself. That will make you feel better for the rest of the day.

2.Tone Your Hair

If you feel like there aren’t enough bright colors in your life and you want to change your appearance in a not so drastic and permanent manner, hair toner to the rescue! They will last around 4-8 weeks and won’t hurt your hair, so why don’t you give it a try! You can do tips only, it will still be something new and exciting.

3.Put Some Makeup On/ Watch A Makeup Tutorial

Even if you are alone on your birthday and not going to go anywhere, you should make yourself feel special by putting your favorite makeup on. You can even experiment and sign up for a makeup class online to learn new skills.

4.Get New Comfy Home Clothes

Regardless of whether you are planning to go out on your birthday or not, a few days before the day comes, shop for some new comfortable items of clothes that you can wear at home. Once you wake up on the morning of your birthday, putting on new clothes will make the day feel special.

5.Video Call Your Friends/Family

Can you even be fully alone in the 21st century? I don’t think so. Prior to your birthday, set up a few video calls with your nearest and dearest, that is a wonderful way to not feel lonely even if you happened to be alone on your birthday. You can even arrange to have a few drinks and some food with them over the internet to make it feel like a real celebration.

6.(Virtual)Museum Visit

If you seek something more intellectual, this is the right option for you. You won’t feel lonely because your brain will be occupied by looking at the fantastic artworks of your choice. Make sure to rent out an audio guide to keep you company. During the pandemic, many famous museums, like the British Museum in London, offer virtual tours. This way you can enjoy the culture even without leaving your room.

7.(Virtual) Painting Lesson

Why don’t you try painting a real picture? There are a lot of companies that will not only provide you with all the necessary equipment and guidance but also pour you a nice glass of wine. During pandemic times these classes can be held online as well.

8.(Virtual) Cooking/Crafts Classes

Make sure you go and check out different online virtual experiences that have literally exploded with the start of the pandemic. Airbnb hosts a lot of virtual experiences like that, those can be a great way to distract yourself from being lonely on your birthday and have fun in the process.

9.Try A New Cuisine

Have you ever tried Greek, or, for instance, Korean cuisine? Your birthday can be a great occasion to do so. You can either check out the recipes online and try to cook it all on your own or use a company that can hook you up with all the necessary ingredients and instructions.

10.Order A Fancy Takeout

By this, I don’t mean ordering the most expensive dish on the menu in your regular Chinese restaurant. Check out some of the best restaurants in your city and see if they provide some food experiences rather than simple takeouts. If your budget allows, watch the video below, those sushi look amazing!

11.Bake A Birthday Cake/Make Homemade Icecream

This can be another fun activity if you happened to spend your birthday on your own and have access to the oven. All of us have our favorite type of cake, so baking it and then decorating after will make your birthday truly special. The same goes for ice cream. If you are not much of a baker, ice cream is your safe bet. You can put all your favorite ingredients in it and as much chocolate as you want to.

12.Do Self Photography/ Photoshoot

The fact that you are alone doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of having memorable photos. So find a nice location( it can be a park or some beautiful slightly deserted street), take your phone/camera, a tripod, and you are all set for your very own photoshoot.

13.(Online)Shopping Spree

Birthday is the time to treat yourself. So set your budget and spend some time thinking about the things you really wanted to buy for quite some time, but never actually ended up doing so. It doesn’t necessarily have to be clothes. For example, I wanted new curtains for my room for so long, and now I finally ordered them as my birthday present to myself.

14.(Online) Dancing Class

This is a fantastic option to spend your birthday alone. You can choose any dancing type you want, starting from a more conventional Zumba to something more exotic, like hula or belly dancing.

15.Go For A High Tea(Or Get It Delivered)

They always say that you should feel like a queen on your birthday, right? So you can just go ahead and book yourself(most of the time you do need to book them in advance) a lovely afternoon high tea set. I am sure you will not only enjoy the food but will feel truly special despite being on your own. I know in England you can even get the high tea set delivered to your house, I hope you can do the same in the USA.

16.Have A Picnic

Having a picnic in a beautiful park can be a great way to spend your birthday alone. You can get a nice picnic basket, some sandwiches/cakes ready, take your favorite book with you or, perhaps, a laptop, to enjoy that movie that you have been meaning to watch or rewatch for a while, and enjoy the time in nature!

17.Movie Night

Since we started talking about moves, visiting a cinema, especially the open-air one, can be a great way to celebrate on your own. Just imagine, you won’t have to share the popcorn with anyone!

18.Do High Ropes

Another pandemic-friendly fun activity that you can do on your own. The track is always marked and you know where to go, so don’t worry, you won’t get lost. You can enjoy doing a bit of exercise and nature on your birthday if you choose this variant.

19.Weekend Travel

Provided you have a car, it is another safe option. Why don’t you drive somewhere close enough to your home so you’ve been postponing doing this for ages? A friend of mine lives 3 hours away from London but has never visited it until recently. Crazy, right?

20.Day Trip

If going somewhere far isn’t an option, you can simply discover new places near your home. Think about the part of the city you have never visited, a park located a bit too far from you so you never had time to discover it before or some historic street with beautiful buildings that is worth walking along. After you have finished looking around, you can grab a birthday lunch/dinner at some interesting cafe, many of them have lovely outside sitting areas.

21.Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever heard about indoor skydiving? If you haven’t, make sure to check it out. It’s an extremely safe and fun way to spend your birthday on your own, get some adrenaline going and take some cool pictures to remember this day. You will get a chance to try something new, which is a wonderful way to kickstart another great year on this planet. There is only one person allowed in the tube at a time, so it’s quite a safe activity.

22.Family Day

Let’s assume that you are a teenager and by saying you are alone on your birthday you mean you are not with your friends. In this case, you always have your loving family to celebrate with. A family day can be absolutely anything: you can just go out to your favorite family diner for a milkshake, go to the cinema, theatre, bowling. You can just make your mom cook all your favorite dishes, so you can have a family dinner together and then watch some silly movie.

23.Day At The Beach

If your birthday happened to be in summer or you are lucky enough to live in California or some other hot place, just pack a bathing suit and let yourself relax and catch some rays at the beach. You can combine this point with a picnic option we have mentioned earlier.

24.Watch A Game

Another safe fresh air option for you. Why don’t you get yourself a ticket to watch some sporting event? This variant is great for those who are into sports.

25.Go horse riding

If you love nature, try doing some outdoor activities for your birthday alone. If you have never ridden a horse, book yourself an instructor and learn something new. Horses are a lot of fun and will raise your mood for sure if you had a bit of a birthday depression before.


Regardless of whether you happened to celebrate your birthday alone or with somebody else, it is important to remember that your birthday is your chance to reflect on your life, relax and fully enjoy this special occasion. Plan this day in advance with the activities that will make you look forward to this day and make you forget about being alone.