Epic 15th Birthday Ideas No Party(30 options)

Today I am going to tell you about various ways of celebrating your 15th birthday party. Wait, the title says no party. My bad. Let’s try again. This article will fully cover your options for celebrating your 15th birthday without an actual party. It doesn’t matter whether you are a spring, summer, fall or winter baby, we have got you covered. Check out the best teenager gift ideas on Amazon now!

Is 15 A Special Birthday?

Is this really gonna be an unbiased answer from my side? I am the owner of the site dedicated to birthday celebrations. So probably not.

Just yesterday evening you were 14, but in a matter of a few night hours, you have just turned 15. Time has a tendency to fly so fast, and year after year you are inevitably getting older. On the positive side, every year brings a lot of challenges that allow us to grow and a lot of happy memories that we will remember for many years to come.

So my answer is definitely yes! Your 15th birthday, otherwise known as a quinceanera, is of crucial importance, like any other birthday really. Maybe not the first or the second birthday, those ones are mostly for your parents’ fun.

My guess is that you had quite a hard year at school, the university exams are coming closer, parents are annoying, life overall is a tough challenge when you are a teen, but you made it through the year, so you definitely deserve a nice special day on your birthday!

What To Do For A 15-Year-Old Birthday 

Here are some great 15th birthday ideas:

Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever heard of such a thing as indoor skydiving? In this picture, you can see my friend doing it. Disclaimer: it was supposed to be my birthday present, but I was too terrified of heights and didn’t go. My best friend said that it was incredible fun. You basically have a chance to fly while still being inside the building. This is definitely my top suggestion.

15th birthday no party

Chocolate Factory Tour

These are usually scattered all around the place and you will definitely be able to find a chocolate-making factory near the place where you live. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Plus most of them offer private or group tours of the factory. As an addition, you can always have a chocolate tasting session after you have finished with the tour. This is such an amazing way to spend your birthday.

Painting Lesson

The beauty of this option is that there is an artist helping you every step of the way, slowly guiding you from drawing your first lines to the finishing touches. Since such events are often held in restaurants, you can also order some tasty dishes to give you some energy to finish your masterpiece. An art party is a great option overall.

Spa Day

Nothing can beat a nice relaxing day at the spa. They range greatly, from expensive luxurious ones to simple affordable ones. So you can find the one that will suit your taste and your budget. You can go together with your mom, sister or best friend. After you have finished with all the procedures, a nice meal, usually in the shape of sandwiches, cake and tea, will be waiting for you.


If you are an active person and like nature, this variant is for you. It can be just one day camping, or you can make an adventure out of it, grab a tent, and stay somewhere in the wild for the night. If you decide to do that, I recommend you grab some marshmallows and have a bonfire in the evening. This variant will be perfect for those, who live in the city and can always use a chance to reconnect with mother nature.

15th birthday no party

Amusement Park

This one is an absolute classic. Nothing can beat an adrenaline rush from those gigantic rollercoasters. You can go with your family or with your friends. Amusement parks are usually located a few hours’ drive away from us unless you are lucky and live close to one of course. So in this option, you can also enjoy a nice road trip. Don’t forget to make a few pitstops and grab a couple of hot dogs, this just makes any trip so much better!

Museum Visit

This option is for intellectual teens. There are so many cool and interactive museums, so you will never get bored! I have visited  Newseum in Washington DC, it was an unforgettable experience. You can choose a museum dedicated to the same topic that your teen will want to go to the uni for, then it will be quite symbolic and meaningful. This is a great chance for your teen to have a nice day out on a birthday and learn something new at the same time.

Day Trip

Is there anywhere you really wanted to go for a long time? Is this something located a few hours away from you and never seemed to be high on a priority list? So many people do that. They live relatively close to the biggest attractions in the world, yet they have never visited them because they don’t sound exotic enough. For instance, my friend lives near London( well, in a 3-hour drive), yet he has never seen Big Ben! So decide what it is you want to see, and just spare the whole day to do so.

Weekend Travel

An era of low-cost airlines provides us with a perfect opportunity to buy a cheap plane ticket to literally anywhere you want to. If you go for a day or 2, you won’t have to pay for the hotel either. For example, I and my friend went to Chicago for her birthday. It was just a day trip, but it left us with so many bright and positive emotions, so we decided to take a similar trip sometime in the nearest future.

Family Day

Do you have a close-knit family? If yes, why don’t you just spend this special birthday with them? As they say, it doesn’t matter where you are, who you are with is what matters. A family day can be absolutely anything: you can just go out to your favorite family diner for a milkshake, go to the cinema, theatre, bowling. You can just make your mom cook all your favorite dishes, so you can have a family dinner together and then watch some silly movie.

15th birthday no party

What To Do For The 15th Birthday With Friends

Do High Ropes

Yep, that’s me, and I am terrified of heights again. But I need to fight my fears. All jokes aside, even as a person who is scared of heights I can tell that doing high ropes was so much fun! Just invite your best friends to join you and book a slot at the high ropes center. You and your friends can have all sorts of competitions there. Whoever finishes the track first, wins! It is harder than it looks, by the way, so chances are you are going to be quite hungry after you have finished. So I think it will be a great idea to go to a nice cafe or a restaurant after the event and spend a good time chatting with your friends.

15th birthday no party

Invite Your Bestie(s)

This point is on my top of the things to do on your birthday with friends if you don’t want to throw a party. There are so many cool things you can do at home together: have a slumber party, cook something together, bake, do your nails, watch a movie, order your favorite takeout food… I can go on and on. For those who don’t have many friends, it is the best option to make your day special, and share it with your nearest and dearest. You can even organize an entertainment program for your guests if you are feeling creative. Just come up with a list of games you want to play and the things you want to do. You can find some cool game ideas in my article here.

Board Game Party

Do you like board games the way I do? Then this no-party birthday option is definitely for you. All you really need here is your friends, your favorite board games, some snacks, and some soda. Here is the list of my favorite board games if you need some ideas. I and my friends can play for hours. I recommend mixing this type of activity with going for a walk or having a barbeque outside, so you don’t stay in the room all day. You might as well just play outside if the weather allows that.

Movie Night

What says that you don’t want a party for your birthday better than going to the cinema instead? It is an awesome variant for celebrating your birthday with your friend. It also works great in case you have quite a few friends to invite since the cinema tickets are relatively cheap, especially if you go during the daytime. Get your friends some popcorn and soda, and that is it, enjoy your favorite movie. You can also opt for staying at home and watching something you all like.

Have A Picnic

If it is warm outside, this is a perfect option for making your day special. You can find so many cute picnic baskets on Amazon, and they are pretty cheap. While you are there, you can also buy a nice blanket to finish off the preparation. You can either make the sandwiches and snacks yourself or invite your friends over so you can do it together. Then you just need to find a picturesque spot, near the lake or the river for example. This variant is also suitable if you want to make nice pictures of your birthday event.

See A Game

If you and your friends happened to be fans of certain sporting activities and there is a stadium nearby, why not use this opportunity and celebrate your birthday there? This variant can also be very budget or even free if you watch your local team play. Grab some hot dogs and enjoy cheering your favorite team! You can also opt for making it a full-blown occasion by going to a big stadium to watch some serious players.

Day At The Beach

Whether you and your friends like just sunbathing or you also enjoy some beach activities like volleyball, it can be a nice day out for everyone. Grab some beach umbrellas, blankets, food, and drinks, and enjoy your birthday listening to the ocean waves. If you stay till the evening, you can make a bonfire and watch the sunset together, it will be an unforgettable experience.

15th birthday no party

Night In A Hotel

This is another cool option for you. Even if your hotel is just half an hour drive from your home, it is still gonna be a different experience for you and your friends. Choose a hotel that has some nice facilities in it, such as a swimming pool and a spa area. Outdoor sports facilities will be a nice addition too. You and your friends have a chance to enjoy some spa time, play sports together, and all of this is under the same roof and is much cheaper than booking all of that separately. Just remember not to make to much noise in your room, hotels normally don’t appreciate that.

Play Arcade Games

Good old arcade games, you can never get enough of them. It can be great if you have a chance to travel to some seaside town where they have a lot of those machines, spend your morning at the beach, grab a nice lunch, and then in the evening purchase a long roll or arcade tickets and just play together with your friends till your ears can’t handle those loud noises anymore.

Go hiking/cycling/horse riding

If you and your friends are fans of spending your time in an active manner, here is an option for you. You can do anything you like really. There are so many companies now that can organize your active pass time. You can choose to be a part of a big group, or book a private tour and go see something truly amazing with your tour guide.

What To Do For The 15th Birthday In Winter

High Tea Party

Hello England. You don’t really have to fly to London to experience a true high tea ceremony, but think the queen would have been pleased. Keep in mind, if you live outside of England, you usually have to book these events in advance since they need to prepare all those little bits and pieces for you. This is a great idea for winter as you will be sitting in a cozy cafe or restaurant, drinking tea, eating sandwiches and delicious scones.

Visit Aquarium

Many states have absolutely gorgeous marine museums where you can find myriads of different types of fish. If you like wildlife, particularly sea life, this is the place for you. The tickets are unfortunately quite pricey, but it’s usually because those places donate the majority of that cost for marine world conservation. So you will both enjoy the fish and do a good deed, perfect!


What can be better than wearing your pajamas, being wrapped in a blanket and eating your favorite ice cream for your winter birthday? With a sleepover party, this will be the dress code, how amazing! Stay at your cozy home and enjoy spending time with your friends and family. You can play a game, watch TV, or just relax together.

Family Dinner

You can actually combine this option with a slumber party. In the afternoon you can have a nice family dinner with your family, and in the evening invite your friends over, so you get to spend some time with both your family and friends. If it snows, you can go out and make a snowman, go skiing together os sledding.

Have A Photoshoot

I once got a certificate for a photoshoot from my friends, and we had a really nice time. It was an indoor shooting, so it was just perfect for wintertime. You and your friend will have so much time deciding on the theme of the photoshoot, picking matching outfits, and thinking about makeup. As a benefit, you will get some bright memorable pictures for every participant in the end.

Try New Cuisine

This is another winter-appropriate option. It is similar to the previous one, but here you have more varied options. We live in a day and age where you don’t need to travel to different countries to try authentic cuisine. All you need to do is to google and go. I suggest for your birthday you should try the cuisine you have never tried before, for example, Korean food. Those barbecues are delicious.

Video Game Battle

If you are into Xbox stuff and things like that, why don’t you invite your friends over to your house for some epic battle? Instead of communicating through a microphone like you do when you play alone, you get a chance to be side by side with your best friends. That gives a real sense of a team. Grab some sweet and salty snacks, some juice or soda, ask your friends to bring their keyboards or controllers, and that is all you need.

Skating Rink

This is a cool idea if you have your birthday in winter. If you and your friends and family enjoy ice skating, you will definitely have a great time doing that. I suggest you go to a skating rink when it gets dark. Usually, the rinks tend to have some pretty epic lighting, which creates an atmosphere of a winter fairytale. Grab some sandwiches and hot tea with you for some quick pitstops in between skating.


I love going bowling when it’s winter and it’s pretty horrible outside. It can be the whole birthday event since many bowling places offer food and drinks right there and then. Or you can start off with bowling, and then go do something else. For example, visit a cafe or a restaurant.

Shopping Spree

Easy but always enjoyable. Nothing can beat a good old shopping with your parents or friends, or even alone for that matter. You have worked hard all year, and you deserve a reward. Get the items of clothes you have always dreamt of. If you are unsure what to get, you can even book a personal stylist to help you make the right choice of clothing and accessories.

Final Words

Looks like I am finally done listing all the cool stuff you can do for your 15th birthday without having a classic party. Me and my friends I have tested many of them by ourselves, and believe me we had such a great time! So whether you are an introvert like me or an extravert, you will definitely find an activity that suits you and your friends.