Simple 2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas(+Pearls Of Wisdom)

He/she is 2 years old already? Time does fly! That’s what probably 90% of all parents think when their kid approaches a major milestone- 2-year-old birthday. In this crucial year your baby must have learned to walk, and probably on their way to start talking, so isn’t that a big enough reason to celebrate? My answer is yes. Organizing a party for a toddler might be a bit dire. You have a lot of questions running through your mind. What can I do for a 2-year-old birthday without a party? How long should the party last? How can I make it special? Let’s stop worrying and start reading our article dear friend, we have found all kinds of good tips for you. 

First and foremost, some little very basic rules for your 2-year-old birthday party:

  1. Find a safe open space room where kids can’t injure themselves. If the party is outside, make sure you set the territory limits for the party, so nobody wanders away.
  2. It’s best not to open the presents until after all the guests are gone, this way there won’t be a great child competition to grab all the presents and claim the ownership by screaming and yelling.
  3. Don’t worry about what little ‘thank you for coming’ presents you give to the kids. They will be happy with almost anything wrapped in a bag.
  4. Try to keep the list of invited toddlers short. You don’t want an appraisal of a bunch of screaming babies at your party.
  5. Communicate with other parents as much as you can. Make a detailed birthday invitation clearly stating the date, the time, the desired present list, shortlist of activities, food options, itinerary. It will make the lives of other parents easier, as well as yours.
  6. Make the entertainments age-appropriate. Make sure to only play the very basic game that kids can easily follow. Busy children- happy party( and parents).
  7. Keep the party short. A party time for the 2-year-olds should not exceed 2-3 hours. After that point you will start noticing a growing number of tired cranky kids, that is not what we need.
  8. Don’t stress out over adult entertainment. Remember you are throwing a kids party this time, it is a hard challenge the way it is, so just let the adults entertain themselves, they will definitely figure it out.
  9. Keep the food simple, safe, healthy( as much as possible). Make sure you make enough colorful interesting to grab snacks for your party people.
  10. Know your kid. You can choose themes and activities based on your child’s favorite book, cartoon, game, that will make the party a success!

If you are looking for some extra bday party activities, please click here.

2-year-old birthday party ideas

Petting zoo

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like cute rabbits and chicks. I am sure your kids would love that, and they are probably a bit too young to start to ask you to get them one of those little things, sheer perfection!


Your toddler and his besties are at that stage when they love touching everything. S go ahead and get a few buckets, fill it with some random things like rice, spaghetti, nuts, play dough, this game is both fun and development!

Bubble party

Get some bubble-making machines, they are really cheap but a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Plus you can also get some bubble wrap, it’s high time your kids learn how cool this thing really is!

Face painting party

So much fun for the kids and so many memorable pictures can be made if you choose this activity. You don’t need to even hire anybody. I am almost sure your 2-year-olds won’t judge too harsh your face painting abilities.

Art party

All kids love to express themselves, if not with the words, but with chalk and crayons. You can set up an indoors or outdoors contest to draw the best picture( remember, with kids everybody has to win!). Come up with some creative nominations to suit each of the participating children and distribute little awards. Kids will absolutely love that and feel motivated to other games.

Water play party

If you happened to be throwing your party in summertime, just get a few inflatable swimming pools, some toys, and you are cost-effectively ready to host a party! All kids will absolutely love playing with toys and make those splashes.

Character Party

Find out if it’s a classic Cinderella, Frozen or Aqua man, and build your party around this character. You don’t need to hire anybody to play the hero’s part, just get your husband to do it. Once again, use the fact that those children are very young and won’t ask why daddy is wearing a strange costume but just enjoy the moment and have fun!

Sandcastle party

Another very simple cheap idea of a birthday activity. You can even organize a child-parent contest of who makes the best sand sculpture!

Milk and Cookies

So simple it makes this idea great! Your kids are at that age when they can start eating sugary things and try milk( or a suitable alternative). So buy or make at home some delicious smelling cookies and some warm milk- the party is ready. For some additional fun, you can let kids decorate their cookies in the way they want using colorful icing or spay.

Favorite book/movie party

This one will require you to do a bit of research beforehand. Find out what is ‘trendy’ in toddlers’ world, and make it happen. You will for sure get some satisfied party visitors.

Hope you chose some ideas from our list. All in all, turning  2  is a huge milestone for your child, celebrating it, making loads of videos and photos to show your kid when they grow up, it is definitely worth all the fuss and will create unforgettable memories.

Which of these ideas did you like the most? How did your 2-year-old birthday party go? Please, share your experience in the comments below!