17 Inspiring Spring Birthday Party Ideas(+Fun Themes)

Spring is a great time to celebrate being one year older, so brainstorm spring birthday party ideas to jumpstart your planning. Spring birthday party themes can create cohesion for your event. Choose the spring theme based on the guest of honor’s likes and dislikes, age and hobbies.

Why should you celebrate in the spring?

It’s spring after all! What springs in your mind when you hear the word’spring’? Something new, fresh, exciting, the beginning of something new. I have prepared a list for you to prove that spring is one of the best times to throw an unforgettable party!

  • Weather. Of course, it depends on where you are located dear friend, but for most countries, it is true that the winter cold is over, and the summer heatwaves are not quite there yet. You can finally organize your celebration outside in the fresh air, regardless if it’s a pretty park or just your backyard. Here are some great ideas for an outside party.
  • Baseball. If you are also a fan of such great sport as baseball, you probably figured out what I’m gonna say here. Right, the opening of a baseball season! Why don’t you take the whole family out to watch a game, and then throw a little picnic in the park afterward?
  • School. School is lame, it’s just a given. Once the spring comes, it means that your kids almost made it through one more year of their studies, a few months left, and they are free as birds. Of course, if they pass the exams haha. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself, party in spring will help both you and your children to relieve some of that autumn and winter stress.
  • Taxes. It’s like children’s alternative to school. We all know what happens in spring- end of tax tortures. Yes, you made it through, praise yourself, go outside, and enjoy that warm weather and a light spring breeze!

Awesome activities for your spring  party

  • Children. Remember the rule- the smaller your child is, the easier it is to please them. So if you happened to be a parent of a young child or even a sweet, you are lucky! You can find some great children’s games in my other article. Generally speaking, kids love being competitive and play in groups. So something like jumping in a sack or scavenger hunt can be great for outdoors. Twister game is also very popular with the kids of my friend. Don’t forget to hand out little presents for all the participants in the end.
  • Teens. Here it gets a bit trickier. You can’t just play kiddie games and run around anymore, you need to be cooler than that dear parent! If you have a few teenagers, it’s best to arrange a separate table for them, or at least place them together. They will enjoy having a private photoshoot( no need to hire a photographer, you have a bunch of friends and relatives at your disposal), playing board games, or games like Activity or Tabboo, all groups can also join. Teens also indulge in such comfort foods as hot dogs and burgers. They can even participate in grilling them.
  • Adults. I suggest Unwrap The Present game, it works well not only for kids. Create a multiple layered wrapped gift, include a task, an action, or just a candy in each layer, so each guest unwraps a layer and does a funny task. Another great idea is to organize a  themed quiz, divide adults into teams, and may the best team win! Since its a birthday party, the quiz might be based on some information about the birthday person, it can as well be just a general knowledge quiz.

Here are some seasonal ideas for spring birthday party themes

  • Garden Party:

 Plan a garden party in your backyard, a local park or garden. Schedule a tea time for guests, and serve light refreshments such as finger sandwiches. For dessert, celebrate with flower cupcakes for each guest. Bake vanilla cupcakes in green cupcake cups and once cooled, frost them with pastel-colored flower petals using a frosting bag and decorative tip. For party favors, pass out single roses or tulips in small, narrow vases.

  • Outdoor Fun for Kids: 

An Outdoor Fun for Kids theme party is a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Plan the party either at your house or at a local park. (If at a park, make sure there are restrooms.)

Begin the party by encouraging the kids to fly kites. This activity will keep them busy until everyone arrives and gets settled. Next, plan an arts and crafts activity such as making wind sockets.

Visit your local arts and crafts store to purchase colorful cardstock (size 8 1/2 x 11), spring-themed stickers (flowers, trees, butterflies, sun, bees, and birds), glitter, glue, crepe streamers and string.

Instruct the children to decorate one side of a piece of cardstock. Once decorated and dry, roll the cardstock into a wide tube, so the decorated side faces the outside, and staple it together. Cut pieces of crepe streamers that are each a foot long. Glue or staple one end of each streamer to the bottom of the tube. Attach a piece of string to the top of the tube to use for hanging the wind socket. After the wind socket making is complete, serve an easy lunch.

Make it simple by ordering pizzas and having them delivered to your house or the park. Water bottles and juice boxes make for simple drinks. For dessert, order a large white sheet cake with decorations such as children playing outside. As a party favor, hand out a kite to each child to take home!

  • Backyard Party: 

Plan a backyard party to celebrate a special birthday. Hire a local tent company to set up a tent in the backyard. Lay down a hardwood dance floor, arrange for a bar and set up dinner tables for guests. Hire a local DJ or band to perform at the party.

For an informal birthday party, serve barbecue-style food such as barbeque chicken, corn on the cob and grilled vegetables. For a formal birthday party, plan for steaks topped with fried onion strands, potatoes with fillings on the side (scallions, shredded cheese, sour cream, and bacon bits) and grilled asparagus.

Plan either a tiered cake or tiers of cupcakes for dessert. Cupcakes will be easier to serve to guests since they do not involve cutting pieces.

At the end of the party hand out favors, such as aprons. For an extra special touch, have the aprons personalized to say, “I had a blast at Lisa’s 30th birthday BBQ bash.” There will be many details to plan for a backyard party, so consider hiring a local caterer or party planner.

  • Spring Party Themes

This is a video about how to organize an elegant birthday party, suitable for adults also. Spring party is all about light pastel colors, fruit and vegetable snacks, light food, and fruit dessert. Keep it as close to nature as you can.

This one is crafty, creative and on a budget, check it out! You don’t have to buy expensive decorations in birthday party shops, it’s best just to go to your local supermarket or order some crafty things online instead.

Some more awesome inspiration for your celebration

  • Flower Theme

This theme is probably one of my favorites, everybody loves flowers, so this sort of theme will cover both kids and adults. There are so many gorgeous decoration variants online. Plus you don’t have to be a professional designer to make something beautiful with this theme. Simply throw a bunch of flowers around the house, and you are all set!

  • Popsicle Party

You will be the mother/father ever if you throw this one. Popsicle party can be very interactive, which I absolutely love when it comes to entertaining kids also allowing them to learn something new. Get a big sponge cake from the shop( if you are feeling risky, you can make it at home with your little party people), cut the sponge into pieces as shown on the photo below, and allow kids to go crazy on decoration for their very own popsicle cake!

  • Watermelon Party

Watermelon colors just scream spring! This is a great and easy party theme for all ages since the love for watermelon is usually obtained pretty early in life. Get some watermelons, leave some of them for decorations, the rest of them will go for your guest’s entertainment. If it is an adult party, make a boozy watermelon drink. If you have children, buy some funny-shaped cookie cutter and allow kids to create different objects out of watermelon.

  • Taco Party

Adults and teens will love that theme! The thing with tacos is it can satisfy all kinds of different tastes. Don’t like chili? Don’t put it in your taco. Sour cream is not your sauce of choice? Just leave it behind. This option can also be quite healthy if you want it to be. You can arrange vegetable tacos with some light chicken or turkey meat, or go classic taco style. If you want to make it gluten-free, it is also super easy.

  • Rainbow Party

Similar to the unicorn party, this variant is for bringing some color into your party. Here you can also ask your guests each pick a color in which they are going to be dressed, so your guests will actually make your rainbow party without much extra effort!

  • Al Fresco Party

This party theme is similar to the garden party one. It is all about nature and fresh ingredients.

  • Pastel Party

The convenience of this theme is that it is not about what decorations you chose, but rather what color will it have, so it makes it a bit easier when you are only limited by the colors.

  • Donut Party

MMM doughnuts…That will be the first phrase your guests are going to say. In this party theme, you don’t need to buy an expensive birthday cake, just buy a few dozens of different doughnuts, it will look even more impressive than the cake. Additionally, there are some fun activities that you can organize, for example, a doughnut-eating contests, games to get the filling right with your eyes closed, and many other games.

  • Backyard Movie Party

This variant is great if you don’t have a great crowd at a party. You don’t have to buy a projector, you can just rent it for cheap. Move some of your furniture outside, get some blankets and pillows, popcorn, and your back garden is now officially an outdoor cinema!

  • Garden Party

We have talked about gardens a lot today, well, what goes better with a spring birthday party than a garden? Only a beautifully decorated garden with loads of cool smacks. You don’t have to cook much. The trick is to get beautiful rustic cutlery and crockery, get loads of fruit and veg, breadsticks, crackers, cheese, sausages, some hummus dip, lay it all out beautifully, and you are all good to go! Get some blankets and pillows, the guests will definitely enjoy great food and fresh air.

  • Unicorn Party

This is all-girls favorite party theme. A colorful, magical, bright, unicorn party theme gives you a lot of room to play with. Shops are packed with unicorn-style everything, so decorations should be a piece of cake. I suggest you involve your guests in making birthday party snacks. You can make unicorn popcorn, unicorn horn sticks, you can even bake your own cake and allow kids to decorate it! I also recommend getting some fun printables for kids to draw on, and in the end, you can watch some Disney princess films to top up the fun and calm kids down.

  • Pineapple Theme

Do you like pineapple everything the way I do( yes, I am one of those people who put pineapple on a pizza, please don’t kill me)? All jokes aside, this party theme is vibrant, fun, and quite cheap to organize. You just need to get a few pineapples, some pineapple-style decor( napkins and tablecloth alone will even do the trick). If you want to go the extra mile, you can order themed cupcakes or a cake.

  • Swan Pool Party

This variant is great for teenagers. You can organize this type of party in your backyard provided you have a swimming pool, or alternatively, rent a house for a day. The latter is a bit more pricey, but you won’t have to clean the house, which is a huge plus. You won’t need many decorations here, water and inflatable swans will work perfectly. Get some snacks, something for the main course, and surely a birthday cake. Teens will love hanging out near the pool and taking cool photos!

To sum up, we have talked about multiple aspects of how to make the best spring party ever, such as a few reasons why you should consider a party in spring, practical ideas of how to implement it, some great themes, and food suggestions. 

Hope we helped you to make up your mind about your next birthday party! Let us know in the comments below!