2020 Birthday Party Theme Trends(For Children&Adults)

What theme should you pick for your next party? We have made a little selection here for you of the popular trends of 2019, and upcoming birthday trends of 2020.

Game of Thrones


Are you as upset as I am that it’s all over? Then make it last, organize your very own 7 Kingdoms! When you make up your mind about where to have a party, look here for great party activities.

Llama Party


Unicorns are still popular but look like Lama is taking up the speed taking over Mermaid party style.

⇓Top pick of our head editor Kate Foster⇓:

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Science & Underwater Theme (Aquaman style)


Have you seen this movie yet? This theme is a spin-off on a classic mermaid birthday theme. I also have some cool party food ideas for you.

Spell It Out


It doesn’t really matter what you are celebrating, just spell it out beautifully using balloons, and your party decor is pretty much done!

Barbie’s Dream House


If you have a daughter, she sure will be pleased with this one!



Always stylish, always classy, this theme will definitely be a great choice for your next party. For some fun places to have your party, read this article.

Hot Stamped Designs


Its a truly wonderful way to style your party in a cost-effective theme of your choice. Here I have a selection of other great party themes.

Great Gatsby style


So elegant and beautiful, very easy to arrange and choose the outfit both for men and women!

Garden style


Nature and organic things are in a big trend right now. Just use all-natural materials at your party, lots of flowers, it will be so beautiful and fresh!

Aloha style


Another interesting trend of the year. With this party style, you get to create a unique atmosphere of tranquility and dance some hula.

Pop Art


Love this one, really bright and colorful, suitable for both adults and kids.

Arabian Nights


For those who love oriental features, fresh and exciting ideas for your next party.

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Which of these variants would you choose for your party? Would you add anything to the list? Please let us know in the comments below!