Ingenious 8-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas(Games,Themes)

In this 8-year-old kid’s birthday party article, we have actually considered all of our party styles ideal for the 8-12 age. Organizing kid birthday celebrations can be challenging with this age. They have actually normally grown out of the playground however may not be all set for teenage activities yet. It truly depends upon your kid and what will make them the happiest. What are 8-year-olds into? The secret is to be innovative and discover activities that are challenging to the kids which are also academic. We will try to give you the best of information!

In this article we are going to discuss:

  1. Great party ideas
  2. Party games for 8-year-olds
  3. Creative party themes

8-year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Unique present style

If your kid has a collection, inform visitors to bring a present to fit that classification. More than likely, your kid would wish to get a few of these products anyhow. It assists their collection grow rapidly. There is some surprise, however the birthday kid understands they will like every present from the start. I also have a great article for slightly older kids party ideas.

Animal style

On the invites, state that the presents will not be for the birthday kid. Rather, the visitors are to bring presents for the pets and felines at the regional animal shelter. Bring the animal style throughout the party with the food (pup chow treat), plates and napkins, and even video games. A journey to the zoo would be a good activity for this party.

Album page

Rather than standard presents, the birthday kid has a birthday album. It does not matter if this is their very first year with the album or if they have actually had one for a number of years. Each visitor produces their own memory page with decors, illustrations, photos, remarks, or whatever they desire. After the birthday kid opens them all up, put them in the album and pass it around. These memory pages will last longer and imply more to your kid than any toy.

2 unique options

You might provide your kid one of 2 choices a bigger unique occasion, such as a theme park, with an invite for one good friend to come along; or a smaller sized sleepover party with a handful of friends. You offer 2 alternatives you can deal with, and the last option depends on your kid.

Schedule exchange

State plainly on the invites that each visitor is to bring a book to exchange. If the birthday kid desires a style for the book (animals, trains, dinosaurs, etc), point out that in the invite too. 

Present exchange

This would resemble the book exchange. You might set a low-cost limitation and motivate the visitors to be imaginative with their cash. Another choice is to leave it open so each kid has a bigger present. The birthday kid gets the party in their name, however the presents are shared by everybody.

Party Games for 8 years of age

Water Relay Games for age 8 years of age

Groups need to move water from one side of the playing field to the other utilizing spoons, sponges or cups with holes in the bottom. Great for summer season celebrations since everybody gets damp! Set out a big tub filled with water at the back of the field and 2 smaller sized containers that are equivalent in size beside the group’s beginning point. Kids go to the tub, get water and bring it to fill their container.

For some extra games ideas, please click here.

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Egg and Spoon Games

Kids race while holding an egg (or utilize a cotton ball, ping pong ball or other little ball) on a wooden spoon. The group that has all their gamers finish the course initially wins. For an enjoyable variation utilize a prop from the birthday party style such as a sword and coins.

Giant game

An enjoyable birthday parlor game that actually gets the kids included … as the playing pieces!

Use pathway chalk to draw a huge (BIG!) large game board. The game board can be made in an oval, circle or figure 8. Make squares on the board. In the squares, starting with the start square, compose instructions that the gamers need to follow when they land on the square. Some enjoyable concepts are … Return 3 areas, Twirl, Squawk like a chicken, and so on , that needs to be constantly done till their next turn. The gamers themselves are the playing pieces! You can make 2 extremely huge dice from square boxes for them to roll throughout the video game.

Hula Hoopla Game

After splitting into 2 groups have kids line up in 2 lines. Have each member of a group hold hands and inform them not to let go. Groups then attempt and get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other and after that back once again without releasing their hands. This birthday parlor game is ridiculous and enjoyable!

Ridiculous Racing Games for 8 years of age

Divide party visitors into groups of 2 or more for these games.

Variants of the races:

  • Holding a  balloon in between the heads of 2 game member
  • Holding balloons in between knees
  • Stabilizing a book or other thing on their head
  • Leaping rope and singing a nursery rhyme or happy  birthday while they leap
  • Stabilizing a little ball on the top of their feet

Scavenger Hunt Games

Scavenger hunts can be played several methods and are constantly enjoyable to dip into a party. The essence of the scavenger hunt is to divide into groups/ groups race to discover (or do) the points on a list. 7 enjoyable ranges of scavenger hunt video games.

Birthday Party Themes for 8-year-olds

Despicable Me

Minions are so darn cute, aren’t they? Plus, yellow and blue colors are so vibrant and fun, that is what makes this theme so great. You can order a cake in the bakery or make it yourself, there are many videos on youtube about it. You can also either buy or DIY minion costumes, it will look super cute, and the kids will be so excited!

Art Birthday Party Theme

This will be suitable for the kids who love to draw and paint. Luckily for the parents, many kids enjoy being crafty at that age. I suggest you get some ready-made baking goods, whether it is a sponge cake a breadsticks, and let your kids go wild on decorating them. You can also get dome printables and real paints, maybe even canvas if they are cheap, and give your kids a task to draw something. In the end, everybody gets a prize.


Yes, this game is to blame for many unfinished Homeworks and bad marks at school. Nevertheless, it makes a great colorful birthday theme. It can be a bit messy to put all the decorations in place, but once you are done, you will get a very unusual birthday party theme your neighbors will talk about.


Al girls are crazy about Frozen and its cute characters. So why not create your own winter fairytale right at your house? You can buy kids blue dresses just like a real princess has, I am sure the kids will be impressed. Plus you can get Olaf-style cake, cupcakes or biscuits for a more authentic celebration.


This party theme is by far the easiest to organize. All you need to do is to buy the girls some identical color bodies and that signature ballerina skirt, and you are all ready to celebrate. you can even organize your own ballet show with all the party member and tape it, the kids will love watching them being real ballerinas.


It doesn’t really matter what you do, you just need to make sure your little one feels special on the day of their 8th birthday. Even if you decide to stay at home and not make a fuss about all the birthday party stuff, your kids will be happy to spend some time with their mommy and daddy.

Which of these ideas will you use? Would you add anything to our list? Please let us know in the comments below!